Why your signature means the world to us


Why do you need my signature?

As a brand-new party, we are not automatically on the ballot. That is why we need to collect signatures. To run in local district elections in Vienna, we need 50 signatures in every district. If you are an EU citizen in Vienna, you can vote in local elections – and you can help us get on the ballot with your signature under a declaration of support. Make your voice heard!

What is a declaration of support?

A declaration of support – or “Unterstützungserklärung” in Austrian legalese – signals that you want to give a party the chance to run in an election. You can sign a declaration of support in every Viennese municipal district office (Bezirksamt or Magistrat) if you are registered in Vienna, you just need to bring your ID. Signing a declaration of support does *not* mean that you automatically also vote for that party. You can decide completely freely whom to vote for in Vienna on election day, October 11, 2020. A declaration of support for Volt simply helps us to get on the ballot and make our democracy a bit more diverse – and more European :)

I’m an EU citizen – does my signature even count?

Yes! Yes! And a third time yes! More than 250,000 EU citizens live in Vienna and are allowed to vote on the distric level and can also sign a declaration of support for new parties. Nevertheless, in the last municipal elections, only 40,000 EU citizens actually used their right to vote. Let us be your voice in Vienna by helping us run in this elections and make your voice heard!

I’m Austrian, do you need my signature?

Yes, please! If you like what Volt as a European progressive party stands for, we would love to get your support, signature and perhaps also vote. We want to be the voice of all open-minded Viennese, no matter their passport or birthplace. In fact, as an Austrian citizen you could sign two declarations of support for us – a yellow one for the district council and a white one for running in the larger municipal elections. We are happy about one or both signatures! With your signature, you help building the European dream.

How can I learn more about Volt?

We meet every Wednesday evening at 19:00 in the Viennese café Dirtwater. There you can learn more about Volt, chat in a relaxed atmosphere and drink a coffee or chai latte that supports development projects in countries in need. We are also on the streets in the coming weeks, just chat us up if you see enthusiastic people in violet braving heat, wind and weather to get a signature ;) Furthermore, we recommend checking out our website and social media channels. In Austria: - Website: https://www.voltoesterreich.org/ - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VoltOesterreich/
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoltOesterreich - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/voltoesterreich/ In Europe: - Website: https://www.volteuropa.org/

When do you need it?

We can collect signatures from July 1 to August 13, 2020. Since we also need to collect and count all declarations of support – and some district offices have weird opening times – we would be eternally grateful if you could already sign in July. Just like you, we are queens and kings of procrastination. But the earlier we get those signatures, the better we can start working for you :)

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