I want to vote!

If you are registered in Vienna with your main residence (Hauptwohnsitz), you can vote in the local council elections on October 11, 2020.

What is the local council (Bezirksrat)?

Democracy close to home

Each of Vienna’s 23 districts has its own district council (Bezirksrat).


Between 40 and 60 members sit in each of these councils. That’s a total of 1,144 representatives – and EU citizens living in Vienna can vote for them in just the same way as Austrian citizens. 

Together, Vienna’s districts can spend €200 million every year on measures such as planting trees, new “cool streets,” new bike lanes or pedestrian zones, support for culture, kindergartens, restaurants and much more. 

In 2015, about 900,000 Viennese cast their votes for the district council (a turnout of 67.4%).
Only 40,000 of those votes were cast by EU citizens – but more than 220,000 live in Vienna. 

Make your voice heard and go vote on October 11, 2020! 

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But who should I vote for?

We’ve got an idea :)

We are Volt, Europe’s first pan-European party – and we aim to represent EU citizens and open-minded citizens of Vienna.


More EU citizens run on our district lists than for any other party – we have candidates with roots in Germany, Italy, Czechia, Portugal, Bulgaria, and of course Austria. And we constantly seek to get more people on board.

If you want to find out more about us, have a look at our website or just come to one of our many events in Vienna. 

Of course, your vote is free! So if you want to get a good oversight of all the parties’ political positions, check out which will soon publish an electoral click-through guide both for Austrian and EU citizens.

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