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I want to vote!

All you need to do is register in Austria’s
European electoral roll – and that’s really easy!

Get on the European electoral roll

The application

No worries, you don’t need a CV or interview for this application.


All you need to do is fill in this short PDF, the
Application for entry into the register of EU-voters, holding an EU-citizenship &
the European elections annex


Yes, it’s in German, but fear not – here‘s an English translation of all the terms you might not know. The first box will be filled in by your municipality, for you, the form begins with No. 14.

If you live in Vienna, simply send the filled-in application and proof of identification (e.g. a scan of a passport,ID card, license) via e-mail to the following address: 


I live elsewhere in Austria, Oida!

No worries

You can use the exact same application (and translation). 

In this case, just send the filled-in application and your proof of ID to your local municipality (Gemeindeamt or Magistrat) or drop it off personally. Outside of Vienna, you sometimes might need to bring also your certificate of registration (Meldezettel), so it might be a good idea to have it handy.

If you have any questions, we are there for you via the chat and with help and advice